In the Rotterdam Alexander Polder, the water task is very topical due to climate change and subsidence. This task is often experienced as a far-flung  issue. In Waterproef, artists, designers and young people work together with residents and water pioneers on water and climate awareness.

With Waterproef we want to contribute in a creative and practical way to raising awareness about the water issue, to stimulate collective action and to support new residents' initiatives for / with different target and age groups in Prins Alexander.

Partners: Stichting Hart voor Prins Alexander organizes Water Fenomena. They invited The Patching Zone to design and implement the program part Waterproef in collaboration with Stichting Hart voor Prins Alexander, Stichting Technotrend, residents, pioneers, youngsters, Climate-KIC, Next Generation Woonwijk, R'dams Weerwoord, Willem de Kooning Academie.

Waterproef is a CityLab010 project

Visit the projectwebsite for regular updates.